Welcome to the IEEC

The International Education Exchange Council maintains a goal of encouraging international education, student exchange, and study abroad at San Francisco State University, and a sharing of cultures between international and domestic students at SF State.

We are an official student organization at SF State, classified as a service organization, and that is what we do: give service to the SF State student community by internationalizing and culturally enriching student life at SF State.

We value our goals above all else, but also acknowledge that what you want to know about what the IEEC is:
IEEC is the largest SFSU on-campus student organization with over 1700 members and 70 officers each semester. The IEEC is made up of three main groups of students: international students, domestic students who have studied abroad, and domestic students who will study abroad in the future. All three groups come together, interact, teach, learn and socialize; we do not differentiate between any group!

IEEC officers are those involved in the leadership and planning aspects of the many IEEC-hosted events on and off campus. IEEC officers are both international and domestic students who voluntarily sign up for the responsibility of running the organization. By being an officer you gain real, hands-on job skills within areas of planning, communication, marketing, public relations, event management, design, finance, leadership, networking, administration etc. and you get involved with people of diverse backgrounds who has the same interest as you.

Committee members pay a smaller role on one or two committees of their choice, but play a huge role in supporting the organization, and its activities.

Becoming an IEEC member or officer is an opportunity to make friends, create a network with people from all over the world, do language exchange and more. IEEC also works closely with the university’s Office of International Programs (OIP) – an advantage for those who want to study abroad.

Wanna Join?

IEEC welcomes all SF State students who have an interest in joining!

Whether you are a student who is interested in getting to know international students, want to create a network and make friends from around the world, want to study abroad and would like to be more competitive on your application, or a student who hasn’t yet decided to study abroad but would like to learn about various universities and meet people who study in the country of your interest, etc., we welcome you.

You can join as a regular member of the IEEC by simply signing up for our newsletter (where you will get all our information about upcoming events), or you can become an officer and help create the events.

We create the IEEC; we decide what to make of it.