TNS: The Knockout

Come join us at The Knockout for this Thursday at Mission.
There is a Bingotopia event for this Thursday between 7.30-9.30 pm.

Play Bingo for drinks and dorky prices!

Good music, tasty booze, purdy girls and tacos next door!

After Bingotopia, we will enjoy the bar with mega touch video games, daily drink specials, photo booth and live music or DJ play everything from punk to funk, hip-hop and popular 90s hits!

DRINKS: Beer $2-5, wine $5, coctails $5-8

*****+21 Event*****

- BART: 24th Street Mission
- MUNI J: Church Street & 29th Street; 30th Street & Dolores Street

House of Air and Off the Grid

Love trampolines? Love dodge ball? How about both combined?

We will be taking you to the House of Air where you can jump till your heart's content.

For those who just want to just jump or try out some flip tricks, you can bounce about in the Matrix area.

For those looking for some competition, you can try your hand at the Colosseum and play trampoline dodge ball.

TICKET PRICE: $17 each.
*You will purchase the tickets at the entrance. There will be no pre-sale*

DIRECTIONS: You can take the bus line 28 towards Fort Mason and get off at the Golden Gate bridge stop. We will meet there at 5pm and walk the rest of the way down to the House of Air.

HINT: Wear comfortable clothing and be aware that you must sign a waiver at the House of Air before you can official jump.

HUNGRY?: Grab a bite on the go with these popular tasty food trucks at Off The Grid in Fort Mason.

Off The Grid is known for its revolutionary use of food trucks and fusion foods that will leave you wanting more.

With around 30 food vendors, you won't have a hard time finding what you want. T

Try a bulgogi burrito, or perhaps a sigsig burrito, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to join us only for Off the Grid, take the bus line 28 going towards Fort Mason and ride it all the way to the very end of the line (aka Fort Mason).


Ever thought about skydiving? What about from 15,000 feet in the air or even 18,000?!

The IEEC is going skydiving in the Monterey, home to some of the most scenic views and highest jumps in California!!

We will be selling tickets for two weeks. The first week will be cheaper than the second week of ticket sales- so make sure you buy your tickets ASAP!

Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite.

Ticket prices per person are as follows:

1st week prices:
-15,000 foot jump: $190
-18,000 foot jump: $250

2nd week prices:
-15,000 foot jump: $200
-18,000 foot jump: $260

As a group, our jumps will take roughly 4 to 5 hours to fully complete, and we need to arrive at 9:30AM sharp. After the jump, Monterey is a short 10-minute drive away from the airport, and is an awesome location to catch a late lunch or early dinner before driving back up to San Francisco.

**Regarding Transportation: We will organize transportation after selling the tickets for two weeks. The IEEC will reserve rental cars to Monterey, which will be $10 per person + deposit.

More information to follow once all tickets are sold!

*All participants will need to sign a liability form, which we will provide you with closer to the date of the event. Drivers will have to sign an additional liability form as well.*

Second Language and Culture Dinner: Han II Kwan

It is time for the Cross-Culture and Language Committee's 2nd dinner event! We will be having Korean food at Han Il Kwan.

Please join us on Sunday, April 27 at 6pm for lots of yummy food and fun!

***Please RSVP by Thursday, April 24!***

Six Flags Amusement Park! (Roller Coasters!)

Here's your chance to discover America's fascination with roller coasters!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a 135 acres (55 ha)[1]animal theme park located in Vallejo, California. The park includes a variety of roller coasters and other amusement rides, along with a collection of animal exhibits and shows.

Map of the park :

Attractions :

Price ticket :

- Early Bird Price: $55 until Sunday, April 27th

- Regular Price: $60 from Monday, April 28th until Wednesday, April 30th (last day of ticket sales)

The price include: Transportation (school bus) and tickets for the park.


***Only 50 tickets available!!!! ***


Meeting at Stonestown in front of Mc Donalds : 9:45 am

1 hour from SF - Arrival around 11:15am

Meeting at the entrance of the park to come back to SF : 6pm

Arrival at SFSU around 7:30pm