IEEC HALLOWEEN PARTY: Nightmare on 9th Street

We wouldn’t let you down, right?! Check us out at Merchants of Reality for the best way to start a crazy weekend, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

18+? Check.
Bar service? Check.
DJ all night? Check.
Costume contest? Check.
Cotton candy? Check.
Kissing booth? Check.
Date auction? Check.
Awesome sexy people?! Check.

Ticket Info:
$20 Early Bird (ends this Friday!)
$25 Normal Admission
Get your tickets HERE!!

There is a large but limited number of tickets available, so make sure you and your friends get yours right away!

Show us your ticket, and the first drink is on us! We’ll be checking ID at the entrance and give 21+ bracelets accordingly. Also wear your IEEC wristbands (which can be purchased in the IEEC office for $3) to receive special cocktail discounts! 

DRESS UP! Don’t forget to dress up party people because it is Halloween after all. Also because we will be having a costume contest and the winner getssss… a limo ride to the gala with 5 of his or her friends!! Read More>>

We had a fantastic time at the Study Abroad Fair last week and every country did a wonderful job. Congratulations to the three winners!

First Place – ITALY

Second Place – TAIWAN

Third Place – THAILAND

Humans of IEEC
Jennifer van Damm

(Annabel, 21, from Melbourne)

“When did you started skateboarding?”

-”So, I only started skateboarding around two years ago. It was in this strange transitional period of my life. After I finished high school I was really frustrated by the people around me and I was sick of feeling like a kid and I just wanted to skip all the bullshit and be 30 years old. I started hanging out with much older people whom I thought were mature and worldly because they lived this rich classy lifestyle. I became this really horrible materialistic and narcissistic person, and judged everyone around me. I channelled a lot of my anger into drugs, which didn’t do me much good. After I hit rock bottom, I realised that I had really tried to throw away a huge part of my adolescence. That’s when I decided to take off all the makeup and fake tan and try be a real person. Skateboarding was a huge part of that because it’s a sport that’s forever youthful – it doesn’t matter how old you are because it’s a consistent reminder that it’s great to be a kid.” Read More>>


 About the Author: Jennifer is a Social Psychology student from the University of Amsterdam. She travelled to SF because she felt too accustomed to life in Amsterdam. In SF you can find her hanging at Haight-Ashbury (on her roof; digging for records at Amoeba), at gigs (of any genre but mostly indie/rock), or occasionally in the library studying (and not just for their terrible-but-highly-needed coffee, of course)

Burning Man Journey – Part 3
Featured Blogger: Catherine

When I came back from the Black Rock City, exhausted, fulfilled and definitely still in an intense mode of existential questioning, I still had not found a place to stay in SF. Providence came to me again and a former Burner offered me to stay in his guest room for at least a little while. When I got there, I did not even open my dusty luggage but started investigating his neatly organised in his library I randomly opened one, and read the first thing that I laid my eyes on.

“She kept asking if the stories were true.

I kept asking her if it mattered.

We finally gave up.

She was looking for a place to stand &

I wanted a place to fly.”

(For the interested, I have now adopted as my new bible: The World is Made of Stories)

This quote from Brian Andreas, really made me connect the dots regarding what I had just lived;

Everything at Burning Man is true yet doesn’t correspond to what is universally accepted to be real. I’ve heard so many times “this is great but seriously, this is just a big fantasy, it couldn’t be applied to the real world”.  I agree that Burning Man is a fantasy, in the sense that is the result of the intensification of each individual reality. Read More>>

Read Burning Man Journey – Part I 
Read Burning Man Journey – Part 2

Hidden in the Fog #1
Featured Blogger: Adrien Vergnes

In this blog I would like to talk about the hidden people, people that we don’t see or people that we are not looking. I talk about the bar tender, the MUNI driver, this guy who is standing in Dolores Park… But those people contribute  to make the City By The Bay more fantastic each day.

The first person I met was Darin Wood, I saw him on Broadway Street. Darin is 39 years old and grew up in the bay area, he works in the Internet industry, and this is his interview:

-Darin why are you here in Monroe Bar tonight?

-I am here with a friend, we are visiting the bars of broadway street and we are selling some Hawaian dresses and flower necklaces to raise some money to bring some children to summer camp. Those children come from the poorest district of San Francisco and we want to help them to discover the nature and the pleasure of summer vacations. Read More>>

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Calendar of Events

My Study Abroad City At a Glance

Are you an international student?
… Or are you a domestic student who has studied abroad?
Submit a 60-second, non-professional video for a chance to win a $50 visa gift card and get a chance to show your video on our official website! The video has to be titled “My Study Abroad City at a Glance: [Name of your study abroad city here]“

  1. Capture the essence of your study abroad city: People, Cultural shocks, University life or Sceneries
  2. Video has to be strictly no more that ONE-minute long.
  3. Photos can be incorporated into the video
  4. It is ok to use smartphones’ camera, as well as any other type of device.


  1. An international student currently studying in SFSU
  2. Current SFSU students who have studied abroad

Upload the YouTube link of your video clicking the following link:
 Or visit: (official website)
More info on:

International Film and Movie Night
When: Wednesday, 10.22
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Rigoberta Menchu Hall

We will be screening “L’Auberge Espagnole”, a French/Spanish film which follows Xavier (Romain Duris), an economics graduate student studying for a year in Barcelona, Spain as part of the Erasmus programme, where he encounters and learns from a group of students who hail from all over Western Europe. It is the first part of the self titled “Spanish Apartment Trilogy” of films centered on the character of Xavier and his progression from student to family man and friends he initially encounters in a student share-house in Spain. 

Come take a much needed break to chill with people and watch the film together. Snacks and blankets are welcome and you can bring your friends! Lets fill the hall with people! Read More>>

Let’s Get Running!
When: Thursday, 10.23
Time: 4:00 pm
Where: Lake Merced

Let’s run together!! No rules, no charges, just feel free to join us! EVERY THURSDAY, 4 pm (meet up in front of the library main entrance). Treat yourself to a relaxed ending after a busy day of classes, it’s about time! Read More>>

Turkish Dinner
When: Friday, 10.24
Time:  6:00pm
Where: 869 Geary St., SF

How about having an authentic Turkish dinner this Thursday? We are inviting you all to join us at A La Turca restaurant at 6.30 pm. These folks are very well known for their hospitality and will be serving free appetizers! It is a great opportunity to learn about culture while enjoying delicious kebab and baklava, which are amongst the most popular items within this cuisine. This event is limited to 30 people and we will meet on campus at 5.45 pm at Station Cafe and go to downtown together, see you there! Read More>>


Oh Yeah Yosemite!
When: Friday, 10.24 – Sunday, 10.26
Where: Recreation Point, Bass Lake, CA

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally arriving this week. YES! WE ARE GOING TO YOSEMITE!!

Our camping ground is called Recreation Point, which is right next to Bass lake (that means swimming for the daredevils amongst us) and 14 miles from the entrance of Yosemite. Tickets are SOLD OUT but stay tuned for more exciting events to come!

Click here to read more about the event

Thank God It’s Thursday! @ Nick’s Crispy Tacos
When: Thursday, 10.23
Time: 6:00pm
Where: 1500 Broadway St., SF

If the last few weeks have been ravaging your liver, join us this week for Thank God It’s Thursday! while we enjoy a nice dinner at Nick’s Crispy Tacos! From 18:00 – 22:00, IEEC students will be able to enjoy regular happy hour specials as well as a 15% discount when you wear your wristband. If for some reason you do not have one already,wristbands are sold at the IEEC Office for $3 Read More>>

Upcoming Events

NBA Basketball: Brooklyn Nets @ Golden State Warriors
When: November 13
Time: 7:30 pm
Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland

For everyone who loves basketball, this is an absolute must. This is a rare chance to see basketball on the highest level when the Golden State Warriors, the bay area’s team, face the Brooklyn Nets from New York. Both teams played in the playoffs last year but didn’t achieve their goals, so we can expect them to be very hungry this season. We will have the chance to see two of the best shooters in the NBA with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson who play for the Warriors and recently won the Gold medal at the basketball world cup as a part of Team USA. In addition to that, we will also be able to see future Hall of Famer and NBA legend Kevin Garnett play for the Nets. There are also some international players on both teams. Read More >>

Stanford Tour

When: Friday, November 7
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: Stanford University

Have you ever wondered how it is to go to Stanford but never had the opportunity? Well, here’s your chance to visit one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. At first you’ll have time to check it out by yourself and at 1.15pm we’ll take a tour that will show us: The Main Quad, Memorial Church, Science & Engineering Quad, and White Plaza. The bus will leave SF State at 10am sharp and be back at 4pm so you’ll have time to enjoy the night :) Read More>>

This will only cost you $16 – including transportation + tour. 
There’s only 50 spots open so get your ticket today at:

Napa Valley Wine Tasting
When: November 2
Time: 10:30 am
Where: 8445 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558

We are going to Napa Valley for a wine tasting day! Again we will take the yellow school bus (No drunk driving ;)) Come sample the variety of wine locally grown in California, reception style with 39 of your fellow internationals! The wine tasting will be a 90 minutes reception for just IEEC. We will leave campus together at 10:30 and will arrive at around 12:30 and will depart from Napa Valley at around 16:30. Napa Valley is world renown for its wineries, so come explore the beauty of Napa Valley with us. We will also have a picnic afterwards so please feel free to bring your own lunch or pocket money for lunch! Read More >> 
Cost: $65


Cirque du Soleil

When: December 4
Where: Under the Big Top at AT&T Park

Bonjour peeps! What if you could alter reality at will? Delve into a world of curiosity where seeing is disbelieving: the world of KURIOS™ – Cabinet of Curiosities from Cirque du Soleil®. The show immerses you in a mysterious and fascinating realm that disorients your senses and challenges your perceptions, leaving you to wonder: “Is it real, or just a figment of my imagination?” The Creative Committee is happy to invite you to go see Cirque Du Soleil in December! 

The description over is found on their homepage ( and the price for Level 3 seating will be $53 per person. Note: an Eventbrite fee may be added. 

P.S: Payment information will be out shortly, please hit the attending button so we will have an estimate of people attending. Cheers! Read More>>

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Photo Courtesy: Geo

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