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Hello everyone, I’m Gamze, I’m a Turkish exchange student at SFSU. I’ll try to share my experience as much as I can during my exchange here. I’ve been in San Francisco for a month so now I’ve enough experiences to share with you. Like everyone else, I’ll start with my expectations. Actually, I was thinking […]

Everything’s new

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Hi! My name is Sofie Nilsson. I am an exchange student from Sweden, and will be studying here at SF State for one semester. My major is Business Finance, and are hoping to one day be able to start my own business. But first I am here to learn things that I wouldn’t be able […]


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I hate to admit it, but my ideas of America were solely based on Television and movies I watched from my couch all the way in Sydney, Australia. For college I expected cheerleaders, jocks and you know, all the stereotypes the portrayed in the movies. Even harsher, I have always visualised that most Americans would […]

Conclusion 12/12

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Overall, the positives of coming to San Francisco far outweigh the negatives. It is a beautiful place to live with amazing and eccentric people. Once the difficulties of housing and settling in to a new place away from friends and family have been dealt with, SF will open itself up to you in many wonderful […]

SF Culture and Travel – 11/12

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The main attraction of going to SFSU is obviously San Francisco itself – one of the most vibrant and fulfilling cities I have ever stayed in. There’s a few reasons as to why SF rents are so high, but I think the main one is that it’s just an extremely cool place to live. The […]

Finance -10/12

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It costs from $2-5 to withdraw money from an ATM that is not associated with your bank. Therefore your best bet is to open an account here and process all your transactions through them, to avoid withdrawal fees (which can really add up over a year…). Also, try using a company like TransferWise to transfer […]

Food – 9/12

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I lived right next to a Safeway and was lucky in that it was very convenient to do my shopping. However, groceries are super expensive and don’t help that rapidly emptying bank account balance. I would suggest shopping at local independent shops mainly because of the difference in price – Safeway knows how to lock […]