First of Many Trails

First of Many Trails

Hi I’m Julian and I’m an international student from Australia doing my study abroad here at SF State and this is my first (and delayed, sorry, blog).


San Francisco has opened my eyes to realise it is truly and beautiful and unique city with the amount scenic hikes/trails available. While previously walking the Golden Gate Bridge on an IEEC event and I caught a glimpse of a hill overlooking the entire city. The whole walk across the bridge I kept thinking to myself “It would be epic if I could get up there” and to my surprise as we further crossed the bridge I could see tiny specs of people exactly where I had imagined a look out. The next free day I had it was my mission to ascend that hill. That hill was Hawk Hill (rated 4.7 on Yelp, it had to be good). I brought along my friend Ross (another Australian doing study abroad) and we ventured back across the bridge towards Sausalito and trekked to the first vantage point the trail had to offer. It was truly breathtaking and one of many different vistas that offered a new perspective of the bridge and the city.


Many times along the climb up Hawk Hill, Ross and I were in disbelief how many beautiful the whole climb on the way up was. We even stumbled across a man with his easel painting the bay area with outstanding accuracy. As we approached the summit, a full panoramic view ranging from the Marin Headlands all the way into the distance behind Oakland had our jaws drop (probably for the 12th time that day). I think we spent about 30 minutes up there, really absorbing the beauty and appreciating the spectacular views.


The walk roughly takes ~1 hour and 20 minutes one way with the option to uber back. I highly recommend this to anyone who appreciates great views and a bit of exercise.



Unfortunately my iphone broke halfway through my SF journey and hence only a few of my blogs will have photos!

Julian Danylak

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