Get Involved

Being a member in the IEEC is a great opportunity to meet the international crowd of the San Francisco State University. Not only will you learn things you never would’ve thought of about other cultures, you will also gain life-long friendships and connections – both domestically and internationally. But the benefits don’t stop there.

If you are an American student that ever thought about going abroad as an exchange student, contributing to the IEEC will greatly improve your chances of doing so. And let’s be honest: if you are going to travel to a different country, you most likely want to meet someone from that place first, right? Well, this is your chance.

The IEEC provides its members with countless opportunities to learn, lead and have fun. With a dozen specialized committees ranging from finance to music, there is bound to be a place in the IEEC for everybody. If you don’t feel like there is a place for you, then make one!

If you’re interested in joining in, please come to a general meeting, or contact us directly through our contact form.

Here’s one student’s personal experience of the IEEC:

I came to San Francisco State University as an international student from Denmark knowing not a single person. The first day I met a ton of international students and I was introduced to the IEEC who had planned events for all new international students every day of the first week. This was a really great way to meet people and I instantly felt part of a group and not just a girl in a city that has 1.4 times the population, which you will find in the whole country of Denmark. The first week I attended the golden gate bridge walk, Taco Tuesday, the SF State got Talent show and the Thursday night socialites.

The school had also assigned me a buddy before I came to SF and so I actually met my San Francisco Buddy in Denmark, prior to my departure as he was studying in my country. As I learn about IEEC, it became clear that they were also the ones behind the buddy program, and they made it possible for me to learn about San Francisco from a student who knew all about SFSU and SF city. It was nice and comforting to have a person explain the different areas of San Francisco, telling you not to worry and getting you all excited about the semester.

I joined the IEEC as an officer, and I became the international co-chair of the PR committee. I am studying marketing and management communications back in Denmark, and have taken courses in public relations from which I knew I had a huge interest in. I joined the IEEC in the first place because I wanted to get more experience in the PR field, and to figure out if this is something I could work with after graduation.

Now that I have been an officer and co-chair for a while, I realize that IEEC has given me so much more. I have met these wonderful people from whom I have learned a lot. Peter, my domestic co-chair, is teaching me how to become a real American or at least to make me become more open to opportunities on my way. Kris, the most amazing Norwegian hero has taught me that you can trust people to do their part of the job, and that working together brings good results. Linda, the co-chair of IEEC who constantly reminded us that communication is the key – I love that because it is SO true.

Even if I had not been an officer, I would still have been an IEEC member. The first week I met a Canadian girl named Jessica, and was hanging out with her at most of the IEEC events. We have become very close; she is teaching me how to play the guitar, and I would like to believe that I am a good influence on her as well. We have a lot of fun and I believe that this is a friendship that will last for a long time.
I encourage people to join the IEEC, to grab that opportunity to change your worldview, and get to know people, learn from people and have the greatest time possible while studying at SFSU.