Trip down to Los Angeles

Last weekend me and my friends went to LA. It was so easy to get there! We took a flight there and it took a little more than an hour and only cost $7 for a roundtrip. We lived right by the beach at Venice beach. We got so surprised how cheap it was! We lived at the hotel from Friday to Monday and had breakfast included for less than $600 for all of us.

The goal of the trip was to just enjoy the nice weather, the palms, have good food and of course enjoy the clear blue water and white beaches. This was exactly what we did the entire days. We also climbed up to the famous Hollywood sign. It took us about 3 hours, but it was so worth it. I have never seen that view before, I was speechless.

This trip was a really good way to relax, get away from school with all homework and of course to get some tan. It’s so perfect that San Francisco is located in California, there is so many places to visit here. You will have so much to see here!

Anna Malin Caroline Ljungsten Joensson

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