Professors – 3/12

I’d like to give a special mention to 2 professors who made my time at SFSU, academically speaking, truly enjoyable.
Lawrence Hanley – A professor of English who just also happens to be hilarious and chilled out. His enthusiasm and energy alone were enough to galvanize his students’ interest, and I enjoyed his classes to the point where I genuinely didn’t want to miss one. If there is a class with Larry on offer to you, I definitely recommend taking it.
Anne Galjour – A lecturer in Creative Writing who is perhaps the most charismatic person I have ever encountered. Originally from Louisiana, Anne brings her southern humour and quirks with her to every class and she manages to create an atmosphere in the room that encourages creativity and openness – which is especially important when sharing creative work to a bunch of people you don’t know particularly well. Anne’s enthusiasm genuinely inspired me to want to take Creative Writing further – a goal I would not have been confident enough to pursue were it not for her classes.

Michael Rounds

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