Committees of IEEC.

The International Education Exchange Council consists of general members, officers and a set of committees to keep everybody occupied.

Whether you’re into finance, sport or even just partying, there is a committee you can be a part of. This page has a quick overlook and presentation of all committees.

All committees have their own Facebook group. You can start by adding yourself to IEEC Fall 2017 and subscribing to our weekly email by adding your email to the mailing list on the right side of this page.


Pierre-Antoine Simoneau, Canada
Sienna Sherman, Canada

Executive Committee

We are the administrative backbone of the organization. We are responsible for running the IEEC office and supporting the various committees.


You will communicate with the committee chairs on a regular basis, and support the presidents of the organization in the smooth and successful running of IEEC.


Within this committee, you will gain a high level of leadership and administrative experience, as well as being aware of and involved in everything that IEEC has to offer. You will have the opportunities to learn how to manage people and their projects swiftly.

Sriana Rain Zaragosa-Camacho, USA
Executive chair

Social Events Committee

The Social Events committee is responsible for our regular IEEC gatherings, including Thank God it’s Thursday and See You Saturday.


You will seek out the best deals for members at local venues, and plan events that allow IEEC members to connect and build lasting friendships.


As a member of the Social Events committee, you will be the first to know of social gatherings and what’s new and exciting in San Francisco. You will also learn how to negotiate with businesses and plan large events.

Adéla van Stiphout, N/A
Henry Lwin, N/A

Special Events Committee

We aim to provide exciting and unforgettable events which showcase all that San Francisco and the rest of Northern California has to offer.


There really is no limit to what you can do. The more creative, exciting and original the event is, the better. You will plan each event down to the last detail. You will also aim to raise money for the scholarship fund and to create even bigger and better events.


This is the committee in which you can really let loose. Always wanted to skydive? Then go and plan it!

Taylor O’Leary, USA
Charlotte Meares, Australia

Sports Committee

We unite people through sports. Whether this is watching a game in good company, hosting competitions, or testing out a new trampoline park, we will organize it.


Reach out to fellow sports enthusiasts and businesses and create events. You will inspire to keep active and promote health on our campus.


With us, you will be able to organize events that bring out regional pride in people.

Kein Steinkellner, Australia

Finance Committee

We manage the assets and the growth of IEEC. We raise money for Study Abroad scholarships, allocate money for IEEC events and safeguard the resources of the organization.


You will plan fundraising activities, keep records of money raised and financial requests from other committees. You will record and safeguard IEECs income and expenditure.


‘With this committee, you will gain valuable experience in handling money responsibly and planning for the financial growth of a large organization. This will be particularly useful for those pursuing a career in management, finance or accounting.

Omar Elkady, N/A

Creative and Music Committee

We aim to internationalize SFSU through artistic projects among the IEEC members using music, art and/or dance.
Utilize your specific creative talents to help promote events, document experiences, and inspire creativity among fellow members.


You can diversify your portfolio and sharpen your creative skills in a new environment.

Tayla Lokman, Australia

PR Marketing Committee

We publicize IEEC events and promote the organization on campus. This team is responsible for the social media content, including Facebook and Instagram. We coordinate and distribute flyers and banners for specific events. We also collaborate with the creative and film committee and the Design House to produce promotional materials.


In this team, you will have the chance to work creatively and strategically. You will have a vast amount of opportunities to gain valuable experience in marketing and public relations.

Julia Dudley, USA
Merima Dedovic, N/A


They help us follow university rules and our own mission statement. The adviser and consultant work in the Office of International Programs (OIP) and are partners to IEEC. They mentor and assist the leadership development of the IEEC Presidents, Leaders, and Officers.

Noah Kuchins, USA

Cross Cultural, Academics and Language Exchange Committee

We highlight the best international events locally, discover international food establishments and create exchange opportunities.


Keep up to date with cultural events happening locally and make them available to IEEC members. We also administrate the language exchange, and make sure you know the best places to go for the international food!


We coordinate academic events including trips to businesses, museums, and universities. We also take groups of students to see visiting lecturers. We aim to involve people so they can continue their learning outside of the classroom. This includes negotiating with businesses and venues and discovering creative ways to enhance members’ education. You can gain leadership and organizational skills as well exploring and sharing one of the United States’ most historical cities.


You will be able to take part in the language exchange, as well as sharing your own culture and learning about others. You will also get to know the cultural heartbeat of this wildly diverse city.

Alys Domalanta, USA