StARTup Art fair

The StARTup Fair is an anual fair and artists’ exhibition at the Hotel Del Sol in San Francisco. One weekend a year instead of guests the hotel hosts a variety of local artists who showcase their work in the hotel rooms. The atmosphere is very intimate and you can easily talk to the individual artists. Apart from art to look at, to buy, and to talk about there are also panels on different topics. Such as “Living with Art”, “Women in Art” and many more.

If you’re in San Francisco next year around this time, be sure to check it out! And if you happen to be in either LA or Chicago, you’re in luck since the fair is there as well!

2016 stARTup Art Fair_MG_3921_Mido Lee.jpg

2016 stARTup Art Fair_MG_4220_Mido Lee.jpg

2016 stARTup Art Fair_MG_4251_Mido Lee.jpg



Lena Christmann

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